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The Betrayal of Kukulcan

The Betrayal of Kukulcan
George W. Morgan - 2009
Mixed Media
16" X 20"

Kukulcan (The Plumed Serpent) descended from Heaven and gave the Mayans the concepts of penitence, love and exemption from the traditional rituals of blood sacrifice. After losing power and not happy with Kukulcan’s substitution of incense, flowers and maize for human sacrifice, the high priest and warrior elite found a way of removing him as ruler. Kukulcan was handed a powerful aphrodisiac which gave the priest control over him. He was tempted by a beautiful woman and made love to her, thus betraying his Heavenly vows to remain celibate and to sublimate his considerable energies in the performance of good works.

Awakening from the magical spell, Kukulcan was consumed with guilt for breaking his sel-imposed vows. Leaving everything behind, he arrived naked on the shores of the Caribbean and embarked on a raft made of snake skins and sailed eastward until he burst into flames and ascended into Heaven; only to promise that he would return one day. Mayan legend has Kukulcan returning as the Morning Star (Venus), a symbol of hope and regeneration.