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Holy Boy In Belly Of Fish

Holy Boy In Belly Of Fish
George W. Morgan - March 2008
Acrylic on canvas and paper
12" X 24"

With the help of the gods, duck, wolf, bear, yellow thunder and big fly all searched in different parts of the Universe for Holy Boy. After missing the rendezvous with Holy Man on their hunting expedition, Holy Boy had wandered in search of him and stopped to visit various people, snakes, and ants. In the center of an expanding and receding pool he sees a corn stalk with two eagle feathers. While reaching for the feathers, he falls in and is swallowed by a huge fish which takes him through four habitations of water people. Holy Boy uses a flint point to cut his way out of the fish and then heals the cut. Meanwhile, the search party has found only his footprints at the edge of the pool. The Holy People of the waters at first object to the presence of an earth person, but on learning from big fly who he is, they give him Sandpaintings and other ritual knowledge. He is sent back to earth and welcomed with a ceremony of thanks for his return.