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Beneath The Veil of Spider Grandmother

Beneath The Veil of Spider Grandmother
George W. Morgan - 2006
Acrylic on Canvas and Paper
18" X 24"

Before all, there was Tokpella, endless space. Only Dawa, the Sun Spirit, existed with his messenger, Spider Grandmother. The red-clay blanket depicted with the crosses of Spider Grandmother is spread across the form of Mother Earth as her agent and protector. From the bosom of Mother Earth radiates the life-giving energy of the sun, bringing fertility to the womb of Mother Earth, from which springs the seed of all living things. Mineral, vegetable and animal, all things grow, mature, bear fruit and fall, returning back to the source from which they came (oval base of Mother Earth.) The mineral feeds the vegetable, the vegetable and mineral feed the animal, but the mineral eventually reclaims the other two. Theme: What is seen in nature is always supported by what is unseen.