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A Navajo Creation Story

A Navajo Creation Story
George W. Morgan
Acrylic on canvas
36" X 48"

As told by David Vallasenor in Tapestries In Sand: The Spirit of Indian Sandpainting.

Hashjehjin, the godlike spirit, has hidden the mystery of fire in the wood to challenge the resourcefulness of man. He wears the Milky Way upon his shoulders and arms. The first fire stick is in his right hand while the left holds a medicinal charm ring and an astral medicine pouch delivering the power to heal from the Constellations.

Coyote has stolen a burning torch from the fire circle and has left a trail line out of the house of the Constellations and on toward the Hogan of First Man and First Woman. After a long arduous journey throughout the four quarters of the sky, Coyote (careful not to enter Sunís House) finally delivered the stolen fire to mankind with the help of the full Moon.