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Jewels Along the Pollen Path

Jewels Along the Pollen Path
George W. Morgan (28-Feb-06)
Acrylic on canvas
16" X 20"

A transformation of character is required of each person who will live in the light of a transformed world. That process is symbolized in the corresponding imagery of the Navaho Pollen Path and the Hindu Lotus Ladder of Chakras (Jewels.)

The journey begins along the path of two colors (duality) and abruptly turns into a singular path of all yellow. If taken, the two snakes lead the traveler between "Blessing-giving" (desire) and "Drive-away-evil" (fear) in order to enter the sanctuary of transformation.

Talking God rules over the lower World in the form of the two color rainbow, symbolic of the solar energy and water of the moon. The upper half is marked by the thunderbolt of enlightenment (Hindu: Vajra) emanating from the "Heart" jewel where the sound is heard that is not made by any two things striking together.

The two "bug-like" apparitions, known by the Navaho as Dontso, appear as "Big Fly" and "Little Wind" and are the spiritual messengers that provide news and guidance to the initiate. The journey continues in the transformed World with the individual now following the path of the Buddhist "middle-way."