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Shadow of the Bow Clan

In The Shadow of The Bow Clan
George W. Morgan - 2005
Acrylic on canvas
24" X 36"

The story of the Hopi Emergence tells the "history" of the journey from the first World into the fourth World (current). Each World was created by Dawa , the Sun Spirit, and guided by Spider Grandmother. The Hopi lived for a time in each of the Worlds until they lost their understanding of the meaning of life, grew bitter and warred on each other. Blame was usually given to the Bow Clan for these problems and the Hopi were forced to leave their homes for the next prepared World. For this reason, the Bow Clan make up the membership in the Two-Horned Society (keepers of all knowledge of the four Hopi Worlds); a burden they are to carry for all time. In The Shadow of The Bow Clan depicts the tensions of bitterness between each of the migration paths.